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As Alumni of BEST, we retired from being active in BEST. We usually started to work in companies, work on our PhD or create our own companies. But often enough, there is something missing: the BEST spirit. Do you want to meet other Alumni to have fun, grow your knowledge and exchange professionally? Then BEST Alumni Network (BAN) is the place for you. 

From the first thoughts of creating a European Alumni network back in 2002, we came down to having regular Alumni Meetings and events like the Alumni Business Camp. As we organised more events, and the network grew and more ideas came into being, it was finally time to evolve our network even more. BEST Alumni Network was the next natural step, following the success of AlumniNET and its Alumni Coordinators.

We had great times in our LBG, on the Courses we attended, and on the international events. Now it's time to get the Alumni together to support each other and do even more useful stuff. 

Our Mission is to promote and facilitate networking and collaboration among the Alumni of BEST. 

In order to do this, we follow several aims: 

Through that, we also aim to become a strong partner of BEST, in order to support active members of BEST as well as guide them their way into the exciting world of Alumni.

Do you want to be part of this journey? Then...

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The Team

Tatiana Quercia

Alumna of LBG Rome

When I was a student, BEST was an important part of my educational journey and facilitated the start of my career. I'm a space engineer, working in project management. 

Being part of BAN has been a way to keep my BEST spirit alive and nurture the bold connections I have made. As President, I will strive to make the network grow organically and its projects recur sustainably. 

Aleksandar Vladimirov

Alumnus of LBG Sofia

I am a proactive and positive person who likes to give back to the community. My professional experience includes working for companies like Barclays, SAP and Thales. 

In BEST, I took many local and international positions. My education includes many certifications and a master's degree in telecommunication engineering and a master's degree in psychology. Favorite topics are entrepreneurship and innovation.

Filip Schlembach

Alumnus of LBG Liège

I’m an alumnus of LBG Liège, currently working as a Data Scientist in Aachen, Germany and conducting research in uncertainty quantification of AI forecasts at Maastricht University. 

In the past I’ve supported the automation of processes in the BAN administration.

Clelia Cesario
Board Advisor

Alumna of LBG Milan

I managed webinars and the mentorship pilot, posted on socials, reviewed the monthly newsletter, and I am still supporting or leading other bits and pieces to improve the BAN community engagement. 

Vio Bold
Board Advisor

Alumna of LBG Cluj-Napoca

The most serious part of my life has been related to BEST, I think that after so many years I know what alumni need and I will try to do my best to fulfill those needs!

Timo Salo
Board Advisor

Alumnus of LBG Helsinki

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a few years, it would be nice to take advantage from things learnt during this journey and help BAN to benefit from them. I want to contribute to making BAN grow stronger in the future.

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