About Us

As Alumni of BEST, we retired from being active in BEST. We usually started to work in companies, work on our PhD or create our own companies. But often enough, there is something missing: the BEST spirit. Do you want to meet other Alumni to have fun, grow your knowledge and exchange professionally? Then BEST Alumni Network (BAN) is the place for you.

From the first thoughts of creating a European Alumni network back in 2002, we came down to having regular Alumni Meetings and events like the Alumni Business Camp. As we organised more events, and the network grew and more ideas came into being, it was finally time to evolve our network even more. BEST Alumni Network was the next natural step, following the success of AlumniNET and its Alumni Coordinators.

We had great times in our LBG, on the Courses we attended, and on the international events. Now it's time to get the Alumni together to support each other and do even more useful stuff.

Our Mission is to promote and facilitate networking and collaboration among the Alumni of BEST.

In order to do this, we follow several aims:

  • To support and strengthen the network of Alumni of BEST,

  • To strengthen the social ties among Alumni of BEST,

  • To promote business and career opportunities for Alumni of BEST,

  • To foster professional and personal development of Alumni of BEST, and

  • To offer constructive support to BEST and to reciprocally exchange best practices.

Through that, we also aim to become a strong partner of BEST, in order to support active members of BEST as well as guide them their way into the exciting world of Alumni.

Do you want to be part of this journey? Then...

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The Team

Martin Hák

Alumnus of LBG Prague

My life mission is to connect things that belong together. In my professional career I've always wanted to connect the world of IT with business (see the next paragraph). My passion is to do it where it's not so obvious. I call such things "distant complements."

In a decade, BAN will have major impact on the quality of live in Europe through promotion of inclusion, equal opportunities and diversity in work-place and empowering engineers to build sustainable future.

Tamara Tirják

Alumna of LBG Budapest

My main goals in BAN are to continue supporting the registration of new members, and look for ways to make it even smoother, and evaluate our current tech stack and identify improvement opportunities, in order to continue engaging our members in new meaningful ways.

Maria Tzedaki

Alumna of LBG Athens

In my true core as a scientist, I enjoy exploring new paths and gaining new perspectives.

As an engineer, I enjoy creating structure through processes and platforms that engage and support teamwork. As a person, I enjoy supporting and motivating people to achieve their goals and fulfil all expectations.

As a board member of BAN I hope to cultivate my skills in making BAN bigger, stronger and impactful.

Eduardo Conto
Board advisor

Alumnus of LBG Grenoble

Many years ago, I moved from Brazil to study in Europe. BEST was my gateway to Europe then.

Now I want to continue having fun, learning and making new friends with our great alumni community.

Ivane Saouter
Admin automator

Alumna of LBG Paris Ecole Centrale

I have been automating the management of new members in BAN. Now the most tedious part of handling applications is done by our “membershipbot”!

Filip Schlembach

Alumnus of LBG Liège

Currently following a masters in data science, I'm supporting BAN with the automation of membership processes.

Clelia Cesario
Project manager

Alumna of LBG Milan

I am focused mainly on the management of webinars and the mentorship pilot, posting on socials, and monthly newsletter review. Also supporting other bits and pieces to improve the community engagement.

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