13/12/2020: Mentorship Program

On December the 2nd, we launched a pilot, to check how many of our members would like to find (or be) a mentor to younger members. We have now successfully paired 13 mentors to 13 mentees!

Especially the older Alumni couldn't wait for such an opportunity to "give back" and provide the help that they wish they had when they were fresh graduates.

13/12/2020: Storytelling Club!

After Katia's Storytelling workshop, some of us decided to meet every 1 or 2 weeks to refine their stories, and become better storytellers. Basically, we founded a Storytelling Club!

Because Storytelling is the best Marketing ;)

26/11/2020: Storytelling Workshop online!

All Alumni subscribed to the BEST Alumni mailing list received a special invite (apply via the link in the email). Our Alumna Katia, an outstanding trainer, has prepared this 1-hour workshop to tell us how we should "share so that people care".

13-14/11/2020: Alumni Meeting (AM)

From the 6th to the 15th of November, the online BEST PM will happen, and on the opening evening we will have a few minutes to present BAN. The important thing is that we want to keep our tradition of gathering as Alumni at the same time to have a good time together and/or interact with BESTies.

On the evenings of Friday 13th and Saturday 14th we'll have those social events. More info with dial-in details are / will be shared with all the Alumni of BEST via the @BEST mailing list, keep in eye on it and subscribe to get the meeting link :)

10/06/2020: General Assembly Announced

Dear members,

BAN has come a long way since our Board election and first GA last year.

Projects were launched, communication tools, partnerships are under discussions, and a lot more. Now is the time to take a step back and launch another year.

In accordance with our statutes, this is the official call for the BAN 2020 General Assembly, where we gather to discuss potential changes for the organisation and check all together its progress.

Process and deadlines (all times in CEST)

Our General Assembly will happen as follows:

  • Proposals period:

    • From now until Wednesday, 1 July 2020, 23h59

    • Every member can submit proposals (see below)

  • Publication of proposals:

    • On Wednesday, 8 July 2020

    • Proposals are made available for every member to read

  • Discussion period:

    • From Wednesday, 22 July 2020 until Wednesday, 5 August 2020, 23h59

    • Discussion threads will be launched via email for each proposal so that we can discuss and share opinions. Every member can also submit a counter proposal or propose an amendment

  • Voting period:

    • From Friday, 7 August 2020 until Friday, 21 August 2020, 23h59

    • Every active member gets to vote on each proposal. Your account need to be active, and your fee up to date (see below)

  • Closing:

    • Sunday, 23 August 2020, 23h59

    • Board announces voting results and end of GA

Proposals to be voted

As a BAN member, you can submit a proposal from now on till 1st of July.

A proposal is meant to change the rules of BAN, execute an action, remove a board member, exclude a member, approve a budget or report, or dissolve BAN.

Proposals will be voted upon and need a specific percentage of votes to pass (see template below)

To submit a proposal, please send an email to us with the subject [Proposal] <Title of the proposal>.

You can find a template here:

Members to participate

All active BAN members are welcome to vote or submit a proposal during GA

By active member, we mean a member that paid the annual fee.

If you didn’t renew your membership yet, you can do it by Wednesday, 22 July 2020. You will receive an email named “BEST Alumni Network - Renew your membership” with the bank transfer details.


Voting will be made thanks to a Google form accessible only with your Google account, and only once per member.

This year, please note that at the end of the voting period, when we publish results, your vote will be visible to all members.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Your boardies,

Davide, Jeffrey, Marie

05/05/2020: Workshop, Training and eCAMP

We are now ready to host workshops, training and eCAMP round tables are going to be announced!

Stay tuned, emails with instruction for the registration will come out soon!

If you want to deliver a training or lead a workshop, or propose topics and/or facilitate an eCAMP round table please contact

02/05/2020: BEST Virtual Summit 2020 - Beyond The Pandemic

The summit’s umbrella topic is “Beyond The Pandemic”, with 3 subtopics of focus:

• Education Beyond The Pandemic • Work Beyond The Pandemic • SDGs Beyond The Pandemic

For all info and registrations, you can check the official website:

04/04/2020: BEST Alumni Network youtube channel

We are now starting to use our YouTube channel to post content! Subscribe :)

We have the BAN Webinars project ongoing, starting with BAN Workshops, and more may come soon!

17/11/2019: BEST Alumni Network has a logo!

We are happy to announce that our logo contest is over and we have a winner: the submission 5A from Raksmy Nop. Congratulations Raksmy!

4/11/2019: BAN GA 2019 was a success!

Our General Assembly has been completed smoothly and 5 different proposals were voted. Actions have been taken afterwards and the members have been informed of all the steps that will follow.

20/09/2019: Alumni Meeting Aranda De Duero applications are open!

Dear Alumni of BEST,

We are happy to announce our next official Alumni Meeting that will be held in conjunction with the presidents meeting PM 2019 Valladolid!

This will be the first official AM organised by Alumni for Alumni! ♥

Link to the call and full description: here

What: AM Aranda De Duero during PM2019 Valladolid

Where: Aranda De Duero, Spain

When: November 15 - November 18 2019 - add to calendar

Link to apply (DL 30th of Sep): here

16/08/2019: BAN Logo contest

Dear Alumni,

we have the pleasure to communicate that we set up a logo contest for BAN!

you can find all the information and instructions here:

Submit your completed Logo Submission Form and logo design to by the 28th of October 2019 at 11 PM CET

Cheers and good luck!

06/07/2019: BAN General Assembly - call for proposals

Dear members of BAN,

As written in our status, once a year we have to validate a few things, especially a budget for the upcoming year and the financial report of the past year. This email is the official call for the General Assembly :)

Timeline for the GA process :

  • Proposals period: From now until 27/07/2019, 23h59 Brussels time

  • Discussion period: From 17/08/2019 until 31/08/2019, 23h59 Brussels time

  • Voting period: From 02/09/2019 until 16/09/2019, 23h59 Brussels time

  • Closing period: 18/09/2019, 23h59 Brussels time

Call for proposals :

As a member of BAN, you can make a proposal at the GA. To do so, please send an email to with the subject [Proposal] <Title of the proposal>. You are allowed to send proposals up to three weeks before the start of the General Assembly (DL: 27/07/2019).

This General Assembly will also contain a few proposals from the board and former board, in particular the budget and the financial report.

During the GA, amendments to all proposals can be proposed.

If you have any questions, we are here to answer! Please ask either on the members mailing list or privately to

Hugs from Europe!

Your boardies,

Davide, Jeffrey, Marie

24/04/2019: BEST Alumni Network - 2nd executive board elected

Dear Alumni of BEST, dear BESTies,

during the last year, we (the Founding board) have been working on officially creating and registering BEST Alumni Network (BAN). After having done all of that, it is time to hand over the duties to other motivated Alumni of BEST, in order to improve and strengthen the network.

Today, it is our pleasure to announce the 2nd executive board of BAN, which has been elected by online vote of the 100+ members of BAN for a mandate of two years:

President: Davide Biasco, Alumnus of LBG Turin

Treasurer: Jeffrey Van Beers, Alumnus of LBG Eindhoven

Secretary: Marie Pierré, Alumna of LBG ENSAM

Congratulations to you three, and thanks to everyone that were running for these positions! More information about the transition to the next board will follow in a few days.

If you want to know more about BAN, check out our website at


Christian, Eduardo, Pierre

BEST Alumni Network - Founding board

25/02/2019: BAN General Assembly - call for proposals, executive board elections

# Proposals: e-mail, subject [Proposal] <Title of the proposal>, DL 25/03/2019

# Nominations: e-mail, subject [Nomination] <Firstname Lastname> for <position>, DL 22/03/2019

Dear members of BEST Alumni Network, dear Alumni of BEST,

The time has come! As founding Board, our mission is accomplished, since we have BEST Alumni Network (BAN) up and running.

We now have a legal body, a bank account, a website, 67 members, a mailing list and a very exciting event in Chania coming up! It is time to organise the first General Assembly and the election of the next Executive Board of BAN.

The Voting for the GA will be starting 08/04/2019.

This is the official call for the GA !

General Assembly: Call for proposals

As a member of BAN, you can make an proposal at the GA. To do so, please send an e-mail to with the subject [Proposal] <Title of the proposal>. You are allowed to send proposals up to two weeks before the start of the General Assembly (DL: 25/03/2019).

Elections of the 2nd Executive Board

The next Executive Board will shape the future of the Association, develop our Network and plan our next events.

Three Executive Board positions are available:

  • President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

The nomination period for the election starts now! This is the timeline for the voting process.:

  • Nomination period: From now until 22/03/2019, 23h59 Brussels time

  • Confirmation period: From now until 25/03/2019, 23h59 Brussels time

  • Question period: From 26/03/2019 until 04/04/2019, 23h59 Brussels time

  • Answers period: From 26/03/2019 until 07/04/2019, 23h59 Brussels time

  • Voting period: From 08/04/2019 until 22/04/2019, 23h59 Brussels time

If you want to nominate a person or yourself, write an e-mail with the subject: [Nomination] <Firstname Lastname> for <position> to

You can read about the roles of the Executive Board positions in our Statutes. For details on the voting process, check the Internal Regulations. Both documents can be found at

To take part in this process (as voter or as candidate), you need to be a member of BAN. If is not done yet, join us here:

For any question, do not hesitate to contact us:

We are very excited to see what the future will bring to BAN!


On behalf of BEST Alumni Network ­Founding Board,

Pierre Rondou